To Poland We Go

One of the joys of living in a border town is that you can cross the border and head into Poland! You would think you’d have to go through some kind of border guard, but there are actually wide open borders here and you can drive in like you’re crossing a state line in America. Today we had the pleasure of visiting our friends the Carlsons and kind of unexpectedly spending the entire day with them. It’s pretty great when you have friends that live in another country but are only a 20 minute drive from you! As a double blessing we got to spend time with two of our other teammates, Daniel Reimer and Jacob Hash. Those guys are currently traveling around all of Eastern Europe working on video stuff and I’m excited to see what kind of footage they get when they’re all done.

To Poland We Go!

Heidi and Greg (Carlson) were so hospitable and we’re super thankful for their kindness to us. We basically called them last minute and said, “Hey, we wanna come to Poland today! Are you around?!” Thankfully they didn’t turn us away, but were even kind enough to cook us breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was especially excited about breakfast because we had pancakes. There’s just something about pancakes that screams “home” and Greg knew we would enjoy a little taste of home.

To Poland We Go

It rained a good amount today. We’ve been surprised about just how much rain they get here, even in summer. We were even told that the area where we live gets more rain than Portland, Oregon which just seems weird. Right now the change in weather is really great, but I do wonder how we’ll feel about it in the future.

To Poland We Go

I don’t have a photo of it, but we had our first team “meeting” today with all of the Josiah Venture Communications Team staff. I’m putting “meeting” in quotes because it was a video conference with the entire team. There are still a lot of staff out of the country right now and one day we’ll all be in the same office together. It’s exciting to begin to think about some of our upcoming projects and see how the Lord will use those things to change lives!

To Poland We Go

I couldn’t help but post this photo (below). During the afternoon Bethany and Avery fell asleep on the recliner and Titus was playing games on Bethany’s iPhone. Our sleep schedules have just been all over the place and I know I haven’t slept past 4am since we arrived. Nevertheless, we’re thankful to the Lord for a fun day in Poland and a great time with brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are serving alongside some incredible people and it’s a pleasure to join this work with them.

To Poland We Go

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