About Us

The Thomason familyHi, we’re the Thomasons. We’re a little family of four from sunny, southern California getting ready to move to the Czech Republic. Why would anyone want to do that, you might ask? Answer: it’s all grace.

By God’s grace Bethany and I (Shay) met while attending The Master’s College. Bethany grew up in Washington state and I grew up here in California. I majored in youth ministry and Bethany in business and while we’ve always had a heart for overseas missions, the timing was never right so we jumped in where we were. After marrying in 2005, Bethany worked five years as an office manager while I’ve been working in production/graphic design and photography.

By God’s grace we were blessed with our first-born son, Titus, in 2010 and our daughter Avery in 2011. We love to laugh and play, and when we can, we make our way down to “Mickey’s House” (Disneyland) for a little fun day away. Our kids crack us up. Titus is energetic, loud, and wild, and while Avery is calmer and more relaxed, they love to wrestle and laugh together. They are learning new things all the time and it’s a joy to watch them grow.

Bethany and the kids

By God’s grace we’ve spent the last 9 years at the same church. God has used our church as a training ground and a place for us to grow and mature. We’ve worked in junior high, high school, and college age ministries and we see how critical this time of life is for any young person. They are making key decisions, especially spiritual decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.

By God’s grace we have now been given the opportunity to partner with a youth-focused ministry in Central and Eastern Europe called Josiah Venture (JV). JV’s heartbeat is to see the nearly 32.5 million young people in Central and Eastern Europe come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Their work consists of English camps, music programs, and sports camps that are all run by local churches with the help of JV. God is using these ministries to change hearts and that’s exciting!

Shay and TitusBy God’s grace we plan on leaving for Czech Republic by Summer of 2013. Our role will be working in a local church youth ministry and serving alongside Josiah Venture by providing support for the other 200 JV missionaries (half of them nationals) who are serving in 12 countries in Eastern Europe. Our hope and prayer is to see many young people come to Christ. We know things will be hard as we adjust to a new culture, but we are trusting God and His grace for those difficult times. Please pray for us as we make this transition. Our hearts long to begin this new journey, but we are trusting the Lord for His timing.

It’s all grace.