Slowing Down

There’s something about Saturdays here in Czech that have been much different than the ones I remember in the States. I realize we’ve only been here just under six months, but more than ever I am finding that Saturdays here really cause us to slow down. Oh sure, we’re still working around the house and getting things done, and maybe it’s mostly in my head, but I feel like today especially got to just take in the day and enjoy my family.

Slow Down (12/13/14)

The photo above is proof positive of what I’m talking about. The weather was strangely warm today (high 40s). Oh sure we were still bundled up, but in comparison to freezing rain temps it’s like a heatwave. We walked to the little grocery store near our place as a family and on the way we were passing a little restaurant that we like. It was actually around lunch time and even though Bethany and I weren’t that hungry we decided to go in and have the kids split a pizza while us parents ordered just soup. Normally we don’t just stop what we’re doing and go eat at a restaurant like this, but I think we were just walking, enjoy each other, and thought, “Hey, why not?” I guess for that’s slowing down for us. Anyways, I just love Bethany’s face as she’s looking at Titus while he searches the menu for the pizza he thinks he wants.

Slow Down (12/13/14)

Maybe it’s the walking? Czechs walk everywhere and when it’s all so close it makes it really easy. Walking makes you slow down. You have to be patient to get to your destination. You don’t have to stress out about finding a parking place. Walking makes you move slower by default and forces you to take in things at a slower pace. Maybe that’s what I really liked about today? Even as we walked by the church we see ten times every day, I took this photo of the kids (above). Bethany said, “I don’t know what it is about that church, but I think it’s pretty.” That’s what slowing down does. Even when you’ve seen something a thousand times, you might see it in a different light when you’re just slowing down and enjoying it.

I think the church is pretty too. I love when the golden sun shines on it. I don’t know how many photos I have taken of it out of our kitchen window, but I found myself grabbing my iPhone and shooting another oner today (below).

Slow Down (12/13/14)

We’re going to be doing a little more slowing down the next few days which will be really nice. Bethany and I have some planned time away and thanks to some friends it’ll just be us two for about a day and a half. But I’ll save all that for another blog.

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