Sick Day No. 2 and Lots of Chicken Noodle Soup

The effects of the two Tylenol PM I just took are starting to take their tole as I feel my eyes getting heavy. Needless to say I will keep this short.

It’s been another rough day of sickness in the Thomason home with both Bethany and me not feeling well at all. I tried to go in to the Josiah Venture office to finish up a few things for next week’s conference but didn’t last long. Around lunch I decided to get some chicken noodle soup at a local place and it was delicious. After that I headed home for some much needed rest. Bethany made some home made chicken soup which I have had two more bowls of tonight. Mostly we’re just really congested and have zero energy. I’m hoping the Tylenol will allow me to get good sleep tonight and definitely hope to feel better tomorrow. On Sunday I will be at our conference center for meetings with the camps team and just want to feel well for that time. Please continue to pray for us as this thing is just lingering.

Here’s a quick photo of Titus, just for fun:



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