Prepping for a Party

Party in Pink (11/21/14)

Even though Avery’s birthday is a week away (Nov. 29), we’re having a birthday party for her tomorrow. Bethany has been hard at work today getting things ready or tomorrow’s special day. As I write Bethany is meticulously cutting colorful paper into pinwheels. You know…she’s making the party pretty. That’s why you see the flowery looking cupcakes above that the kids will decorate themselves. Inside they are zebra colored (white and chocolate layered cake), which was Avery’s choice. Below is a photo of the pink frosting. You definitely know it’s a party for a girl!

Party in Pink (11/21/14)

Since Avery’s birthday falls right around Thanksgiving, and because we’ve been pursuing coming to Czech most of her life, her birthday has always been hard to celebrate. Hard in the sense that we haven’t been able to invite a ton of people to celebrate which we enjoy doing. The past two years we have been traveling a lot, especially last year when we drove from Colorado to Kentucky to spend Thanksgiving with my family after our month long missions training. Of course, it’s great to be with family, but you just have this image in your mind of lots of little kids running around at a birthday party. I guess it’s just nice to be somewhat settled and have friends around to celebrate with us.

Snow Day

Above is a photo from a year ago today. We only had a few days left at MTI (Mission Training International) in Colorado and the snow came in strong. After classes we spent the afternoon playing in the snow with the kids. It’s been one incredible year since then. God is good.

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