Portraits in Poland

To Poland We Go (4/11/15)

As planned we packed the van up today with toys and tricycles and headed into Poland to take photos of and for missionaries there. Above is a photo of the back of the van after Titus and I loaded it all. Titus wanted to make sure there was a skateboard, baseball, baseball bat, glove, and frisbee. I was actually impressed that he was able to lift my longboard skateboard in to the back but he got it in there all by himself. When I got the car started he squealed and rubbed his hands together with excitement about us going to Poland. He told me, “Dad, when you’re taking photos in Poland you have to take one of me giving thumbs up.” It was literally one of the first photos I took when we got there (below).

Thumbs Up For Poland (4/11/15)

I haven’t had time to edit through the photos today, but I took a quick at look at the shots I got of the different families and teams and am excited to share them at some point. Below is one of the group shots I got of the Poland team. Great people!

Team Poland (4/11/15)

We were invited to stay for lunch with the team, but apparently Polish lunch starts at 3pm and that’s pretty much right around nap time for our kids. So we packed the van back up and headed out for a quick lunch on our way home. Since the weather so amazing today we decided to get dessert and sit outside where the kids enjoyed their first ice cream cones of 2015. It was actually as we were sitting outside enjoying the sun that we realized I left my camera gear back at the training center! We ended up going back and getting my gear which was thankfully still there where I left it. Whew.

To Poland We Go (4/11/15)

This afternoon we washed and vacuumed the car which was much needed. I was excited to try out my European extension cord which I specifically had purchased on sale a few months back so I could vacuum my own car (it’s the little things in life). Yes, it worked and the car is looking good! Since we were already outside, Titus and I ended up playing a little baseball in the driveway. Avery was our umpire, but I think we need to install an instant-replay system because it seemed that no matter what happened–if I caught the ball or tagged the runner (Titus)–that he was called “safe!” C’mon blue!

Titus and I went to youth group tonight, but we didn’t know that the start time had been moved from 5pm to 6pm. Thankfully there were a few students there on the music team so we weren’t alone. Instead of going home and coming back we just decided to stay there and enjoy hanging with the students. Youth group is still a challenge because of the language barrier. It never feels normal or right, especially when you’re sitting through all the announcements and teaching with not a clue as to what’s going on. Even Titus turned to me tonight and whispered, “Daddy…they are talking funny.” Nope. We are talking funny; they are talking normal. They are speaking Czech. We…well, we’re not.

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