First Haircuts

Believe it or not, I was genuinely concerned about getting a haircut in Czech. I think it’s because for the past 6.5 years I could literally walk downstairs at Paul Mitchell where I worked and April would cut my hair. Nobody wants a bad haircut. If you get a bad haircut, you’re stuck. For at least 4 weeks, maybe 6 you have a “thing” sticking out of your hair some place or one side is just not right now or… who knows?! But today, my fears were washed away in a nice salon sink on the 2nd floor of the building with the ATM at the bottom. Actually, they were washed away twice and she used some nice L’oreal soap!

Titus and I both got great haircuts today! Zuska is awesome and even though she can’t speak any English and I can’t speak any Czech she understands me gesturing with my hands. For Titus, I showed her a photo Bethany gave me of some kid on Pinterest and she took very literal, to point that she busted out the hair dryer and was flipping Titus’ hair up in the front exactly like the photo. It was great. My favorite part was when I was getting my hair cut Titus had to go potty. So Zuska saw him doing the potty dance and took him to the bathroom, helped him with his pants, and he came back out with his shirt tucked in (which we never really do). Again, it was great. Zuska even brought Titus some books to read while daddy was getting a trim. It was fun day. Titus and I walked back to our apartment from the salon and showed mommy. She was happy, I was happy…it was great.

Haircuts (7/18/14)

Haircuts (7/18/14)

Haircuts (7/18/14)

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