Another First: Drying on the Line

My View (10/7/14)

Tuesdays are just slightly nicer than the other days of the week. That’s mainly because we have our international team meetings on Tuesdays which aren’t really meetings where we work, but just spend time in God’s Word and prayer. Like the previous weeks, Dave Patty led the study this morning, and today it was out of Mark 6. The focus today was on looking at how Christ responded to a busy day of ministry. It was a helpful discussion and look at Jesus with his disciples and a welcome realignment for my own heart.

My View (10/7/14)

Bethany took Titus and Avery to the park today because the weather was so nice. The photo above is of Titus throwing leaves in the air and in the background you can see his new pre-school which he should be starting on Monday if all goes well. We’re not sure what to expect at this point but we’re trusting the Lord with the whole process of starting school.

Below is a photo of Titus today, playing outside with me. I’ve never really seen him climb and hang on something like this but here he is on the garage door. We got a monkey on our hands.

My View (10/7/14)

As I drove in today I saw our laundry hanging on the clothes line outside. This was strange to me because, well, we have a dryer inside. I came inside and asked Bethany about it and she said it was so nice and sunny she decided to hang the clothes today. Well, alright then. Later this evening as it was getting dark she asked me to go and get them off the line which I think may be the first time in my life I have done that. I remember growing up that I had a friend whose mom would do that, but I don’t ever remember my own clothes on a line. There’s a first time for everything…especially when you’re in Czech.

My View (10/7/14)


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