A Sick Day and Then Some

Our family has been severely under the weather this past week. We just spent the last 4 days at home together and really have done nothing but try to take care of each other. I (Shay) came down with this crazy sickness first and proceeded to pass it along to every other member. Though I’m working on my 6th consecutive day of feeling sick, I do believe I might be heading for recovery here. However, I can’t remember a time in any recent history of feeling as sick as I have this week–it’s been awful.

It’s very hard to keep your focus on Christ when you are having a 103 temperature. I’m thankful to Bethany for reminding me more than once that God had ordained in this for us and that He always desires our best. And I’m thankful that the Lord allowed this to happen during a time when we didn’t have any major commitments to keep as we were all literally stuck in bed.

If you think of us, pray for a speedy recovery for all of us. It’s hard to be sick, but it’s harder when you’re trying to take care of your family too so we could use a little break from the coughing and sneezing!

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