A Break From the Ice

All of the ice that drifted in over the past few days finally began to melt. Our driveway was still frozen over this morning, but a few hours later it was basically gone. I took the photo below at our Czech language lesson today. By 10:00am the dripping had begun and we were at least a few degrees above freezing.

Melting Ice (12/3/14)

I sound like a broken record, but we were not feeling great today. About the middle of our Czech lesson my stomach was just not OK. Normally I can push through sickness but it really does seem like it’s hitting us harder over here than in the States. Bethany wasn’t feeling great today either. When we got home we all took naps. Will the sickness end? I sure hope so.

Today’s my mom’s birthday. My mom and dad called today, and even though they live in Kentucky, they had driven West and were in New Mexico when we spoke. They love driving around America and visiting their favorite sites. The kids tonight wanted to tell grandma happy birthday and we had a few laughs over the phone. We may be thousands of miles away, but it’s still fun to talk with grandma and grandpa on the phone. Happy birthday, mom. Have fun!

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