A Nesting Bethany

It was another day of sickness and lots of sleep. Not only did I sleep in today, but I ended up taking two naps, both of which were more than two hours in length. Avery, Titus, and I continue to hack and cough while sharing the Kleenex box which is running low. Thankfully, Bethany has been able to stay healthy thus far although she said she’s a little worried she might be sick by tomorrow. This is our life and for me it feels like I’ve written this same blog many times before.

Bethany Is Nesting (5/15/15)

Bethany has gone in to full “nesting” mode. I asked her today if pregnancy nesting was scientifically proven and she affirmed it so it must be true (plus, I’m pretty sure it’s scientifically proven that challenging a pregnant woman is unwise). This has happened with all of our kids, but right before she’s about to give birth (either a few days or weeks before), Bethany gets a little crazy with getting things organized, purchased, or whatever else may be required. With Titus I vividly remember running around Sears trying to find a new dishwasher for our house. Bethany was dead set on having a new dishwasher before that baby came. That same night she ended up going in to labor. I don’t remember the specifics for when Avery was born, but I think it had something to do with Christmas decorations or cleaning the house. For the past few days it’s been a bunch of the same.

Today she really wanted to make sure we went to the mall and got a few things that we’ve been needing. Even though I’m sick, we packed in to the car and off we went (I should be clear that she didn’t force me–I went of my volition). She also followed up on a tax accountant in the U.S. to help us with international tax law. She was working with the kids to make sure they cleaned up the living room and got things organized. She did all the dishes. She got a box out of the garage with baby clothes that she’s been wanting to loan to another family (which I hand delivered today). Earlier this week we were reorganizing our bedroom, throwing out old clothes, and even taking things down to the basement storage. Maybe some of these things sound normal to you, but I’m telling you things have ramped up around here. At one point she asked me if I wanted her to drive the car because I wasn’t feeling well and I told her I was too scared of her driving us because of her super nesting mode she’s in. Her response, “We gotta get this stuff done.” Yes, mam!


Back At It

It really feels like it’s been a while since we’ve had a normal start to a week, but today we were back into the swing of things. Titus went to school this morning and Bethany took him while I got ready to head in to the Josiah Venture offices for meetings. It’s great to see a normal routine come back in to our lives. As our health continues to improve I feel like we’re catching up on things in our house and Bethany was hard at work today getting the kids’ room ready for baby #3. When we were at IKEA on Sunday Bethany really wanted to buy a little frame tray and she had a vision of what the kids dresser could look like. Today she made it a reality and texted me this photo of what she was working on. I thought it looked great!

Making it Pretty (3/9/15)

It also has felt like it’s been a while since we did our last Czech lesson which was about a week and a half ago (we cancelled our lessons due to sickness). So it really nice to meet up again today with Jenny and Landen to work on our Czech language drills. We spent most of today just reviewing and getting our minds back around the last few drills which was really helpful. We’re learning prepositional phrases like “the book is next to the table” or “the paper is inside the book.” It’s amazing when you start to think about all those little things that we do naturally in language that you now need to train yourself on. Words like “on, beside, in, under…” are often used and we don’t think about it. There are so many ways you can say things! It was a good time today and we’ll be back at it tomorrow afternoon.

Church (5/9/15)

I took the above photo tonight around sunset from our kitchen window. It was fun to see the sun reflecting off the huge Catholic church. The sky was beautiful today and it was another “warm” day (mid 50s) and I’m thankful for the break from the cold. It might cool off later this week, but we’ll take all the warm, sunny days we can get!