A Sunny Saturday

Today was the best day yet in regards to sickness. I’m feeling like my energy level are much higher and my head is starting to clear up, although I’m not out of the woods yet. I’m thankful for many who have prayed for our family during all the sickness!

We tried not to overdo it today, but we got a text message this morning from our friends, the Yormans, asking if we wanted to walk to the park and Lego store. We have only driven or walked past it the Lego store, so we were excited to go check it out. This was really the first time we’ve had an “outing” in a week so it was nice to just be out in the sunshine. For some reason Titus wanted to wear one of his new mustaches, so here’s a photo during our walk where he posed and said, “Dad, can you take a photo of me?”

Saturday Sillyness (3/7/15)

As we walked the square right near our place, the crocuses were shining brightly against the green grass and we noticed they are all in a perfect half-moon shape. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Czechs did this on purpose. We have been seeing a lot of fresh flowers being planted of late and when you got to the store there are various sections of gardening and other things to get ready for spring. Here’s a photo of the white flowers in the half-moon shape.

Saturday Sillyness (3/7/15)

We made it to the Lego store which was really fun. The kids were mostly just running around looking at all the Lego boxes from behind glass. We were only there a few minutes before other Czech friends just happen to walk in, including our language teacher Tamara! It was fun to see familiar faces and say hi. Here’s a wall of Legos that I took a photo of (below). It’s actually really nice to have everything behind glass because little hands can’t pick it up!

Saturday Sillyness (3/7/15)

After the Lego fun, we made our way over to the park and hung out there for a while and just chatted while the kids played. Avery loves any toy she can sit on, so here she is playing on one of those springy rocker things.

Saturday Sillyness (3/7/15)

Before long it was time for lunch and the Yormans invited us to join them at a local place in our town. I love Czech soup and this place has great soup, so we joined them and had a really fun time together. At one point Titus and their two boys, Beni and Caleb, were all playing a game on the iPhone (funny, it was a Lego game). Bethany took this photo of all three of them (below). Thanks, Yormans, for letting hang with you today!

Saturday Sillyness (3/7/15)

Immediately after lunch we came home and took naps which was really nice. The sun was shining most of the day and it was nice to wake up and see it coming through our windows. We had our usual Saturday afternoon video chat with Bethany’s family and decided that it wouldn’t be best to push it too hard and try to make it to youth group tonight. We’re hopeful to go to church tomorrow and enjoy some fellowship there.

Tonight as we were video chatting with the family, Titus got out the mustaches again and quickly put one on my face. We were laughing about it and Titus wanted to take a photo of me. Here’s the photo that he got. I wish I had a photo of my dad to compare this to. We look a lot a like.

Saturday Sillyness (3/7/15)

And now…I’m very sorry, but… I mustache.


Sick Cycle Carousel

I hate to sound like a broken record, but the kids and Bethany are fully sick yet again. This time the kids have fevers and Bethany has actually had some significant stomach pain today. I’m starting to think our bodies are genuinely adjusting to this new locale and different weather patterns, but I’m not a scientist or very smart really, so take that with a grain of salt (also, that idiom is kind of weird…”with a grain of salt?”). So far I am free of the sickness that’s ailing my entire family, but I have a feeling that won’t last long. I’m really not trying to be pessimistic, I just look at the history and that’s usually what happens (I’m sure our family is not alone on this sick cycle carousel going round and round).

Juicing (10/6/14)

I was able to have lunch today with my friend Zach. He and I go WAY back and have been friends since the fourth grade and he was the first person to invite me to youth group at church when we were like 10 or something. He is definitely like a brother to me and it’s always encouraging to spend time with him. Sadly, he and his wife will be moving to Prague (about 4 hours from where we live) soon and we won’t be as close to be able to grab lunch, but I am genuinely excited for what the ministry God has for them there. It’s seriously so cool to do ministry with your friends.

That’s all from me tonight. I’m off to read my Bible and go to bed.