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  • The Zoo Part Two

    Bethany and the kids hit the zoo today for the second time since we got here. Last time (aka: Zoo Part One) we went it was really fun, but also really hot. But today they had great weather and since we have annual passes it’s just really the cost to drive and park. The family…

  • Church and the Zoo

    Another Sunday in Czech and another great day with God’s people. Our church here in Czech has long been partnering with an American church and Welsh church to put on an English camp near our town. Today those two churches (the American and Welsh churches) came to our church to share about this past week’s…

  • We Went to the Fair

    Our family enjoyed a Saturday morning at the Antelope Valley Fair this past weekend. The kids’ cousin Jason is involved with 4H and he was showing his rabbit and a pig. We enjoyed hanging out in the barn and seeing all the different animals. Here’s a few pics.