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  • Grace In Christian Growth

    A book that I constantly talk about is Holiness By Grace written by Bryan Chapell. Honestly, I would say it’s in my top 5 favorite books. It has had such a great impact on my understanding of God’s grace and how it affects every aspect of my life (not to mention impacting the name of…

  • A Web Pioneer’s Wild Dream

    For some of you a story about a computer guy starting a Web site might sound a little dull. But this isn’t just any story. This is the story of the man who had a vision of sharing with the world the preaching ministry of John Piper through a Web site that is today known…

  • Christmas Tree 2012

    Every year for the past 4 years we have put together a video of our family decorating our Christmas tree. It’s been a fun little tradition that we’ve enjoyed doing together. This year’s video is up and you can watch it below. For past years, you view them here: 2009, 2010, and 2011.

  • Never The Same

    Bethany and I have talked before how could probably never do missions in a culture like Papua New Guinea. Even last night as we were spending time with some missionaries heading to Ireland, we both shared how living in the jungle just doesn’t seem like a great fit for us. The reality is, that’s probably…

  • Understanding a World in Crisis

    We got word of this message by Mathias Kern this past week and after hearing it we thought it was worth sharing. There’s some helpful information about the rise of Islam in the world today and what it means for Christians and the next generation.