Category: Christianity

  • Is Jesus Enough?

    This 30 minute message from David Platt is worth every minute.

  • 10 Chapters a Day

    I don’t think I’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution. You always read around the new year about how resolutions never work and how people break them with a few weeks…yada, yada, yada. Well call it a resolution or whatever you want, but this year I decided to start Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System. Prof. Horner was actually one…

  • Killing Sin

    Not new methods, but only an understanding of how the Gospel works, can provide an adequate foundation and pattern for dealing with sin. Read the whole article for a great short study out of Colossians on mortifying or killing sin by Sinclair Furguson (via TableTalk magazine).

  • A Web Pioneer’s Wild Dream

    For some of you a story about a computer guy starting a Web site might sound a little dull. But this isn’t just any story. This is the story of the man who had a vision of sharing with the world the preaching ministry of John Piper through a Web site that is today known…

  • Refreshed

    Thanks to my roommate from college who invited us and the graciousness of his in-laws who watched our kids, Bethany and I had the unexpected blessing of attending the Shane & Shane Christmas Tour with Phil Wickham concert right here in our own town. We’ve been blessed by the music of Shane & Shane and…