Driving East and Foreign Police

Today was our first full day in Czech. Last night we planned to stay in a hotel near the airport because of our late arrival time. It was a great hotel, but unfortunately we didn’t do a lot of sleeping there. As a family we stayed up until around 2am because of our jet lag, but that didn’t last long and we all woke up around 5:30am. Since we were up we decided to make it to the hotel breakfast which started at 6:30 and then we went outside to jump in the rain puddles.


IMG_2219Our good friend Kara (also a missionary in Czech) came to Prague and picked us up in a borrowed van. We packed that thing to the ceiling with all of our stuff and started heading eastward toward Český Těšín (pronounced Chesky Tesheen) where we’ll be living. We had to make it to the “Foreign Police” by 5pm in order to register ourselves in the country so we can begin our visa application process. Honestly, I was really tired while we were there, so thankfully Kara helped us and spoke Czech to the officer and got our paperwork squared away. I believe we have everything in place to get our application for visas rolling.

2014-06-25 16.10.36

Finally, around 5:30pm we made it to where we’ll be staying for a few weeks. Another missionary (her name is Rachael) is graciously loaning us her flat in Český Těšín while she is away because are waiting for our container to arrive in the country in the next few weeks. We have great accommodations here and it’s fun to see the little town that will also be our home. Bethany and Kara went to the grocery store tonight to get some food for us and the brought home some kind of flat bread gyro sandwich thing that was really yummy for dinner.

2014-06-25 17.21.50

No we’re super tired…I mean, really tired. Bethany is laying on the couch and we’re hoping to put the kids down for bed and see how long they and we will sleep tonight. Thank you for your continued prayers for us during this first week of transition. It was a really great day to catch up with Kara and just enjoy the Czech countryside while we drove. Please pray for the coming days as we will be more on our own and continue to explore this new place.


This Is The First

We’re here. It’s ten minutes to 1 AM local time here in Czech Republic, our plane landed around 10:30pm and…we’re here. We have spent the last 16 hours traveling from Los Angeles, dragged about 12 pieces of luggage from the Prague airport to the hotel across the street…we’re here. We just had a literal midnight snack, and the kids are awake watching a movie on Bethany’s laptop, but we’re here.

Maybe it’s the jet lag, but in many ways it doesn’t feel real. I know I am sitting here many miles from all I’ve known as home, but we’re here. God has moved and used many incredible Christians to come alongside us to pray for us and to financially support us and now everything we’ve been praying for begins. I know every day won’t be like the first day, but there many new things to experience and to engage in. There are still a lot of “firsts” left to experience–that’s why I plan to write it all down.

This is the first. This is the first of what I hope to be an ongoing journal of what transitioning life to a new country and culture looks like. Lord willing, it will be daily. My hope is that for a year I can maintain some thought, long or short, from our days in Czech Republic. I hope it will be a testament to the Lord’s grace in our lives, what He is doing, how He is working, and just how our lives are being transformed into the likeness of Christ.

So to start things off I want to simply show you a few photos from today. Here’s how our first day traveling to Czech played out, in just a few photos (captions below each):

Driving to LAX

Here we are on our way to LAX. Our friend John was kind enough to drive. Thanks John!

At LAX with the family

Here we are outside of the international terminal at LAX. I truly rejoice that both of my kids are looking and attempting to smile for this!

Titus stared a huge wall

Titus stared at a huge digital wall of awesomeness.

We flew to Heathrow

We flew to London!
Our plane to Czech

And this plane flew us to Czech!

The kids slept a lot

These kids slept a lot…thank you for praying!

All our stuff arrived!

Every single bag arrived. I accidentally carried the wrong car seat from the airplane all the way to baggage claim, but I was happy to hand it off to another young family. Unfortunately for them, two of their bags were still missing…


Finally a photo of the Prague (Praha) airport from our hotel. Ok, now time for bed!