Tired, Cold, and Wet

Mid-Day Bath (11/20/14)

Sleep was limited last night. Not only did I have some kind of insomnia, but Avery coughed for at least an hour from around 2-3am. We were up early and out the door this morning so I think I only got around four hours of sleep. Needless to say I’m just plain old tired right now.

I’ve written for many days now that sickness has just absolutely plagued us. Every day seems like a battle for better health. Today Bethany gave the kids a mid-day bath (photo above) because they were just really congested and the warm water and steam helps give them some temporary relief. Their smiles are proof positive that, for at least a little bit today, they were feeling good.

Cold and Wet (11/20/14)

It was cold and wet today. Gray skies have stuck around for a few days now and I’m left wondering if the bitter cold is approaching. Every day I’m a little surprised that we’re not quite below freezing here yet. We heard the news about Buffalo New York and the massive amount of snow that came in just a couple days, and in my mind I just kind of expect that to happen here. The funny thing is I really have no idea what the weather is like here so I think I’m just planning for the worst weather and anything else is a surprise.

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