Play Place

Play Place (3/14/15)

Today Bethany and the kids had fun with our friends the Yormans at a new play place we had never been to. I stayed home because I haven’t been feeling great the past two days and we also had a lady cleaning our windows which our landlord hired. Above is a photo of the play area that they went to and Bethany said there were only two families there, ours and the Yormans. Titus and Avery haven’t really had a lot of time experience playing in a ball pit, so this was really exciting for them and they loved it. When they came back Titus couldn’t stop telling me all about the ball bit that “had two slides!” An indoor play area like this is really great on days like today where it just basically rained all day. I’m so glad they had fun. Here’s another angle of the facilities.

Play Place (3/14/15)

While they were out I spent my afternoon working on our next support letter email which I’m hoping to send out this weekend (if you’re not on our email list you can sign up here!). We have been trying to hard to make time for that important piece of communication in between sickness, languages lessons, and other things, but it has proved harder this time around. I also spent some time writing thank you cards to our supporters which is also something we try and make time for every week. Every time I write a card I’m reminded just how thankful I am for all the people who support us and desire to the gospel brought to Czech. If you are one of them, thank you!

PlayDough (3/14/15)

While sitting at our dining table tonight, I was putting some final edits on our email. Avery was sitting across from me and diligently working with Playdough. She was so content to sit there and make things and finally I peaked my head over my computer and took the above photo of her. It seems like lately she has been growing so fast and continues to be more independent. It’s bittersweet to watch our kids grow. I love that they are maturing and are more independent but so often it feels way too fast!

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