I began to write this blog and immediately the power went out in our apartment. We had been warned that often the power will do that if we are running too many electronics at once. We had the washer, dryer, and dishwasher going (which we’re used to running at night) so I think that’s what triggered it. After calling a friend, having our landlord talk to her on the phone, and flip a few breakers we got power again. Oops–we’ll try not to do that again

Actually, that wasn’t the first oops of the day. We got a call this morning around noon from another friend asking if we’d paid our rent. Oops. It’s supposed to be paid on the 10th, but we just got so busy with unpacking and things that I just forgot. Everything is still chaos in our house and it just slipped my mind. I felt like an idiot. I was able to get the cash together, go to the bank, figure out how to deposit money into some else’s account and then pay our rent. Again, oops. I’ll try not to do that again.

The weather was great today. A little hot, but not bad. In the afternoon we had a bit of a downpour, but it was mostly sunny until this evening when we had some thunderstorm type weather. Below is a photo of the sky around the church outside of our place. It was getting dark fast and we the thunder was roaring.

Another Day in Czech

We mostly worked on the house again today. I installed more lights in the kids room and hallway and we tried to continue to clear boxes out and clean up. Bethany cooked a crockpot meal for dinner so we used our power transformer for the first time and it worked pretty well on our American CrockPot. Our language help, Jitka, brought over our new books so that’s exciting. We already have some homework that we need to get to work on. We’ve got a lot to do to get the house in order so we started a list of things we need from IKEA. One of the main things we need are those wardrobe closet things. There are basically no closets here so we have to create our own for our clothes. We’re hoping to go tomorrow, but we’ll see how it goes.

Every day we’re learning. Life here is similar, but very different all at the same time. Bethany commented tonight that our laundry doesn’t smell like us. It’s clothes. It’s just laundry. But you just get used to the way your detergent smells when you fold laundry at night after the kids go to bed? She joked about it, but I think in Bethany’s heart it was a weird realization that even the simplest things like that can be comforting among all the new. We’re learning to grow with it and adjust because honestly, what else can you do? I guess one way to respond is like Avery…just relax (photos below).

Another Day in Czech

Another Day in Czech

Another Day in Czech
These trashcans are an example of something new. Questions we had: Which one is ours? And is that ALL the room I get for a whole week!? Wait, they pick it up once a week… right?

Another Day in Czech

But even in all the new and oops we can still smile.

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