Never The Same

Bethany and I have talked before how could probably never do missions in a culture like Papua New Guinea. Even last night as we were spending time with some missionaries heading to Ireland, we both shared how living in the jungle just doesn’t seem like a great fit for us. The reality is, that’s probably why God has called us to Eastern Europe and not the jungle.

With that said, people in Papua New Guinea need the gospel too. Growing up in a Christian school I was exposed to missionaries like The Buser Family who took the gospel to an unknown people group. And this week, the Desiring God blog reminded the world of another tribe and the faithfulness of another family. The 15-minute short-film (below) tells the story of the Richardson family and is a clear presentation of the change that happens when Christ saves people. The family visits the tribe after 50 years to see how things have progressed because of these changed hearts. I definitely suggest you taking a few minutes and watching it.

Never the Same from Pioneers-USA on Vimeo.

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