Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

Bethany and I both enjoy reading. I recently started J.I. Packer’s Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God and I can not recommend it enough.

The first chapter alone is worth the book, but as I continue to read I’m finding that each chapter brings old truth to a new light for me. Often as Christians we struggle to find a balance between God’s sovereign work and our human responsibility, especially as it relates to evangelism. I believe J.I. Packer has provided us a great resource in understanding these often difficult truths. Though I feel I’m well taught in church on the sovereignty of God, I’m blown away at Packer’s simplicity and ease of writing on the subject as it pertains to the work of evangelism. This is a great resource. Go get yourself a copy–you will be encouraged.

A few quotes that have stood out to me already:

You have never for one moment supposed that the decisive contribution to your salvation was yours and not God’s. You have never told God that, while you are grateful for the means and opportunities of grace that he gave you, you realize that you have to thank, not him, but yourself for the fact that you responded to his call.

For where we are not consciously relying on God, there we shall inevitably be found relying on ourselves.

The truth about salvation has been made known to us, not for us simply to preserve (though we must certainly do that), but also, and primarily, for us to spread. The light is not meant to be hidden under the bushel. It is meant to shine; and it is our business to see that it shines. “You are the light of the world,” says our Lord (Mt 5:14-16). He who does not devote himself to evangelism in every way that he can is not, therefore, playing the part of a good and faithful servant of Jesus Christ.

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