Easter and Traditions

As our kids get older we’re trying to figure out what kind of traditions we want to have. I didn’t really grow up doing an egg hunt for Easter, but it’s definitely something Bethany remembers doing. I’ve seen 8mm video of Bethany with her Sunday best on and her basket when she was little, so I know it’s something her family really enjoyed.

This year we did a little egg hunt with our kids, and of course we had them all dressed up from church. We painted eggs on Saturday and had some fun hiding (I use that term loosely) them in the grass. We also opened up “resurrection eggs” which tell the Biblical account of Christ’s death and resurrection. There are 10 eggs that have a Bible verse and a visual reminder inside (e.g. a little rock to represent the stone that covered the tomb). Our kids are still really young and it’s hard for them to sit still as I read the passages, but we want to make sure they know what we’re celebrating and why Easter is so special. It was a fun time and I really appreciate the work that Bethany puts into making it so special for us.

Here’s a video and a few photos from our egg hunt.

Easter 2013 from Shay on Vimeo.

Easter 2013
Titus and Avery with their baskets, ready to find some eggs!

Easter 2013
Avery gets down low to find a blue egg in the grass.

Easter 2013
Avery showing some excitement with an egg she found.

Easter 2013
Avery dropping an egg in her basket.

Easter 2013
This was our attempt at getting a smiling photo of the kids when we were all done. Didn’t quite work out.

Easter 2013
Finally, a tripod photo of our family. Avery is going for the “Czech smile” (aka: no smile) and Titus is trying to figure out why daddy strapped a little baby doll to the tripod. Good times!

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