Driving Home

Today was mostly spent in a car. Bethany and I left Krakow early this morning around after checking out of our little rented apartment, we headed back to Katowice where our kids were staying. We had a great time together but it was a lot of fun to see the kids after two nights away.

When we got to the Millers house, I saw Avery come around the corner of one of the room and I would’ve sworn she had grown. Both Bethany and I genuinely think they have grown a little since Sunday. Maybe this happens to a lot of parents, but it’s kind of bizarre to experience. Maybe we should change the phrase, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” to “Absence makes the kids grow taller?” Or maybe there’s something in the water in Poland? I don’t know, but they look bigger.

With a few days out of town, the rest of the week is shaping up to be a little busy. We have a visa application thing tomorrow for our 2-year visas, a Christmas party, haircuts tomorrow, Bethany has another doctor appointment to check on the growing baby, and Titus apparently has something going on at his school. I don’t know what’s got to give at this point, but as we get ready to depart for the States next week I fear something will have to. Well, I guess I’ll see you on the flip side.

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