Conference Day 3 and Some Familiar Faces

Conference Day 3 (9/24/14)

Today was the third full day of the fall conference. At one point I had a Czech leader come up to me and say “Ciao” and we began to talk. I think he and I had met a while back, but I couldn’t remember his name. He told me he wanted to meet some time for coffee and just talk and share about what we’re doing. It was a short conversation, but I left smiling. During that moment I realized how much fun it was to be around so many different people from around Europe. These are men and women who love Jesus want to see Him glorified. They want to see more disciples of Jesus and they want those disciples to make more disciples who make more disciples…mature disciples. It’s fun to serve them and use whatever gifts I have to support their work and ministries.

Conference Day 3 (9/24/14)

This evening I had one of the best surprises of my day. I had the chance to see my friends, Scott and Patty Ardavanis (above is a photo of them standing with Dave Patty, the president of JV). Scott is on the board of directors for Josiah Venture and he and the board are having meetings this weekend. Since Josiah Venture was already have a conference and will be having a 20th anniversary celebration tomorrow night, the board is here in Czech to have their meeting. Although I only saw them for a few minutes, I could’ve cried seeing them. Patty said to me, “You live here now!” It’s a lot of emotions thinking about how much she and Scott have influenced me and my family, and how God used them as instruments in leading us even to Czech Republic. We are supposed to spend time with them tomorrow night and I just can’t wait. Bethany will be coming out to the conference tomorrow too and we are all going to be spending some time together.

My days at the conference are really full and I’m only seeing Bethany and the kids for a few minutes in the morning, and Bethany late at night (like tonight). Tomorrow is the last full day of conference we’ll have a half day on Friday. I’m looking forward to finishing the week strong and hoping the many leaders who are being trained will leave equipped for more fruitful ministry.

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