Celery and an Early Valentine’s Day

As happens often I have to go on a hunt for a single food item. Tonight that item was celery. Bethany was making potato soup and needed a few things from the store. I went straight to the store that I thought would surely have everything, but for some reason they either didn’t have celery or they were out.

Broken Bottle (2/5/15)

My quest was actually complete at the second store I visited. But while in line someone dropped a large bottle of some kind of alcoholic beverage. It smelled weird and went everywhere. I’m not sure if it was the girl that was in front of me or the guy in front of her that was at fault, but not a single person did a thing about it. Everyone acted as if nothing had happened, including the check stand lady and security guard standing right there. It was all very confusing for me because we just all began stepping over and into the liquid, making a bigger mess. No one was coming to clean it up and I honestly would’ve done it but trying to explain that in Czech would have proved more confusing than the situation itself. Spill on aisle 4 anyone? How do you say that in Czech?

Early Valentine's Day Cards (2/5/15)

On a happier note, I got home from the store and the kids told me “Daddy, we have a surprise for you.” They both brought me big red cards that they made with stickers and drawings (shown above). Avery also brought me that cat frame which she painted and added jewels to. The cat actually came with the frame. Bethany told me that Avery said, “Daddy will like that.” She is right.

On the back of the cards were lots of fun phrases that I will share with you here:

From Titus:
Why do you love Daddy?

“Cause he “raskles” (read “wrestles”) us a long time.”
“He’s our friend”

From Avery:
Why do you love Daddy?

“Daddy likes to play Candyland”
“Daddy likes to “raskle” me”
“Because he has an ‘A’ in his name”
“Daddy likes to give me a kiss.”
“Because I love him.”

It’s never too early to get a Valentine’s Day card for your kids.

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  1. Shay – I remember going to the store for celery in the winter and there being none. It was such a weird moment when I felt like how could I exist in a place where I can’t buy celery on demand? It was a moment…brought to you by the letter C and the color green and the vegetable celery. 🙂

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