Back in Czech

We made it to the train that is taking us home. Other than the Lord’s grace, I have no idea how we have come this far. We are exhausted, the Paris airport was ridiculous, and the sparkling grape juice I just opened exploded on me and my computer as I was typing this.

The Big Trip Home (1/13/15)

It’s been a long and challenging day. To be balanced, our flight from Seattle to Paris was pretty nice. It wasn’t a full flight so we had room to lay the kids down in our seats and the kids actually did really great. But after landing in Paris, it just seemed liked things got a lot harder.

I originally started this paragraph by explaining about what happened to us in the Paris airport and how hard it was, but I stopped writing. Complaining is a sin. I’m writing that for my own benefit and as a way of reminder as I look back on today. My flesh really wants to complain right now, but I guess that’s to be expected when 1) I’m a sinner (saved by grace, but still battling that flesh!) and 2) I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours. No matter how tired I am or how difficult a situation, the reality is that God is still in control and He is good.

Yesterday as we were leaving Seattle, Bethany’s dad prayed for us before we got in line at security. He knew our situation and our anxious hearts and prayed specifically for our flights, my tooth pain to subside, handling of our luggage, connecting flights, and for a ride from Prague to the train station. God was kind enough to answer all of those with a “Yes.” Bethany’s dad didn’t ask the Lord to make it all easy for us, he just asked God for solutions and God provided. And that’s why I can’t complain!

At the end of the day I can praise the God of the universe for His kindness to us. We don’t deserve any of it. That’s just it…it’s all grace.

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