The Last Day of April

The Last Day of April (4/30/15)

“Daddy, I have to show you something,” Avery said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me in to the living room. “I made a playground.” Above is a photo of what she made and this was her version of a “playground.” Her little mind continues to create and explore and I think it’s an incredible and wonderful process.

Back at the JV offices today we were hard at work trying to put the finishing touches on a bunch of different projects as we get ready for the spring conference next week. Everything from name tags, conference booklets, conference materials, etc. we were trying to get out to the printer to have by early next week. Tomorrow is some kind of Czech holiday so we lost a day, but we’re hoping it’ll all be done in time for the conference to start on Wednesday. It’ll probably be a busy week for me as I’ll be helping with photography, leading a communications session, and even playing drums/guitar for a few worship sets. It should be a great week and I’m really excited to see some of our friends from around Central and Eastern Europe.

The Last Day of April (4/30/15)

I took the above photo tonight of me with Titus and Avery because they were in an especially good mood as we sat on the couch. It’s been so nice to be healthy for the past month or so and I think it’s the healthiest we’ve been since we arrived in Czech. I honestly thought when the weather turned a little cooler this week that we might get sick, but so far we’re doing well.

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the first of May. The past ten months have absolutely flown by and Bethany and I were talking about it last night as she’s now 35 weeks along with baby #3. We’ve have about a month left before we get to meet our second daughter and I’m getting excited! God’s timing is perfect and we’re looking forward to another little one in our home. They are all a blessing from Him!


Health, Flags, and Avery’s Babies

As much as we’ve talked about how sick we’ve been over the past ten months, I’m happy to report we have been healthy now for a few weeks! This is definitely an answer to prayer and we’re thankful for the break from sore throats and runny noses. With the weather warming up this has allowed us to get outside a bit more, which I think is helpful, and having regular sunshine can’t hurt either!

Bethany and I were talking last night just how strange it is to have an actual spring season. In southern California it usually goes from semi-fall to summer overnight. Right now in Czech we’re experiencing the slow change from winter to spring like today which was a little cooler, windy, and rainy in the afternoon. This week it’ll be warmer the next two days but cooling back down and stormy into the weekend and next week. This is actually kind of strange to me because I just haven’t really experienced that kind of weather. California gets storms, but it’s pretty warm all the time.

I Love My Kids (4/13/15)

Today at preschool Titus colored Czech flags (shown above). Flags are so interesting because of what kind of emotions they evoke, especially in Americans. I wonder if the Czechs have the same kind of pride with their flag that Americans do? I know that Czechs are excited about their country. In fact, the other day at the store I saw a whole section of flags, colored pencils, and scarves that all were in support of the Czech hockey team. In a few weeks, not far from us there will a big hockey championship (actually, the USA team will be here!). I have a feeling that little section in the store was for that event, but I can’t be sure.

I Love My Kids (4/13/15)

More than ever, Avery is being more girly than I feel like she has ever been. Tonight she wanted to play “dress up” and wanted to wear a princess outfit, complete with a crown. And on more than one occasion recently I have found her babies somewhere in the house, complete with a pillow and blankie (as you can see above where she had them in the middle of the kitchen floor). As well, tonight I was wrestling with the kids on our bed and Avery just stopped in the middle of it with her two babies, put them in a little red wagon and said, “It’s their first day of school!” Obviously, it’s really cute and we are constantly laughing at her. I love it.

I’ve got more studying to do for my message this Saturday on the Trinity to the youth at our church. I’m getting more excited to teach on this topic, mainly because I’ve been so blessed by the study of our triune God. There is so much packed in to that often confusing doctrine, but the more I read and think, the more I am realizing just how beautiful the doctrine of the Trinity is. Please continue to pray for me as I prepare and then share on Saturday.

Finally, I will leave with this. Tonight as we were eating dinner Titus told us that it was someone’s birthday at his school. He said they sang the birthday song in Czech and Bethany asked him, “Do you know how to sing it in Czech?” He immediate reply was priceless. I posted his words to my Twitter account and Titus said,


Better Health Through Blogging

Czech Doctor (3/5/15)

I saw a Czech doctor I’ve never seen before at the recommendation of another missionary friend. Her office is about 35 minutes from where we live and since I really wasn’t feeling great, Bethany drove me and we brought the kids. While I was at the office Bethany and the kids went to the store so I could just focus. I walked into a small building near some high rise apartments (photo above) and I wasn’t sure if it was the right place so Bethany waited in the car while I went inside. Sure enough, it was so off she went while I waited to see the doctor (photo of the waiting room below).

Czech Doctor (3/5/15)

After seeing the nurse who took down my information from my passport, I walked in to where the doctor was. Here’s how the conversation started (I’m leaving her name out intentionally):

Doctor: “Hi.”
Me: “Hello.”
Doctor: “You’re Shay?”
Me: “Yes?” (a little confused as to why she used “Shay” when all my paperwork says “Sherman”)
Doctor: “I know. I read your blog.”

She went on to tell me that she reads our blog as well as Connie’s blog because as a Czech it’s interesting for her to see how we see Czech culture. She added that it’s also an “English lesson” for her as she reads. She told me that she was reading our blog last night and I mentioned that I would be going to a new doctor and she said, “That’s me!” We continued to talk and she was telling me that because she reads our blog she understands our health situation and that we have been sick a lot since we moved. This was actually a huge help to diagnosing what might be going on with us a family.

No doubt about it, she said I have a sinus infection and prescribed me some antibiotics. But we ended up talking more about our situation and what she thinks might be going on. As I gave her some medical history on me, she had some ideas on my allergies and how there may be new allergies here that we didn’t have in the States, along with different strains of sickness. We also discussed just the dramatic change we’ve made in moving here and how that too could be wearing down our immune system. In the end, I really appreciated her thoughts and insight in trying to really help us get back to better health overall. It was such a blessing, and Doctor, if you’re reading, thank you so much all your help and kindness!

Czech Baseball (3/4/15)

If having a Czech doctor read your blog wasn’t surprising enough, I found a baseball stadium here in Czech! Amazingly, it is right next door to the doctor’s office. When I finished up I texted Bethany that I was done and had just a minute to walk over to it and take a few photos. I couldn’t believe my eyes because baseball is definitely not a sport you’re going to see much of here, but there it was in all it’s glory. It couldn’t be better timing as my beloved Dodgers begin spring training games today in Arizona. The stadium was pretty nice and even had an American flag flying in the wind. Behind the stadium is a restaurant called “Original Baseball Restaurant” (at least I think that’s what it’s called) and I got a photo of that as well (below). I wonder if they have Dodger dogs? Play ball!

Czech Baseball (3/4/15)

When we got back I just wanted to rest, but the kids wanted to go to the park since the weather was nice. Bethany felt up for it and took them later this afternoon. Here’s a few photos of their little journey.

Kids Are Ready For the Park (3/4/15)

To the Park (3/4/15)

To the Park (3/4/15)

And finally, some signs of Spring are coming up through the grass at the park (below). These little flowers were popping up all over and there were yellow and white versions. If anyone knows what they are be sure and leave us a comment and let us know! Let’s just hope I’m not allergic…

To the Park (3/4/15)

To the Park (3/4/15)


Sneeze. Sleep. Sneeze. Cough. Etc.

I had a feeling this was going to happen again. A lot of people around here have been getting sick lately and now Titus and I down for the count. Avery had it a few weeks ago and Bethany is showing early signs, but it looks like the current cold strain has hit the family.

I’m just not a huge fan of sore throats. I feel like I can deal with just about any other symptom, but the sore throat is the worst. I’ve tried sleeping a lot today and am hoping to get to bed early tonight (shortly after finishing this blog).

The timing a huge bummer as we’ve already made arrangements to have a mini-vacation in Prague this weekend and to see our friends Zach and Kara. I’m holding out hope that I can feel better in the next 24 hours. We have an 8:00am train leaving on Friday and will come back on Sunday afternoon. Although we did a small tour of Prague our very first time we came to Czech, we were severely jet-lagged and I don’t really think we got the full experience. Our trip this weekend is kind of our first time really experiencing the capitol city of the country we now call our “home.” Please pray we’re able to feel better and enjoy some time away as a family.

It rained most of the day today and it was one of those rare days where I never stepped foot outside. The kids have wanted me to “rascal” (wrestle) them, but I just haven’t felt well enough or even have enough energy to do so. These are not my favorite days, but I’m trying to have a good attitude. Sickness is never fun, but I guess it’s just another opportunity to look to the Lord for strength.


November in August

It’s August 24, 2014 and I don’t know where I’ve been at the end of every August, but I believe that more than 90% of the time I have been in California. August in SoCal is hot. Just now I checked the weather and it’s 85 degrees in Santa Clarita. But you wouldn’t have had any idea it was August here in Czech today. The high was 60 and right now it’s in the upper 40s. It rained most of the day and at one point it was just coming down hard (photo below). It cleared up tonight and Titus and I went outside to play for a bit and I said to Bethany that had I not known it was August I would’ve thought it was November. I had a sweater and pants on and found myself trying to see my breath. All that to say I’m starting to get a little nervous about the winter here. If August is more like November where I’m from in California, then what must November feel like?

Let It Rain (8/24/14)

I’m sad we weren’t able to go to church today. Bethany really didn’t feel well today and even though I had gotten up and showered, I knew Bethany wasn’t well enough to go. And the thought of taking both of my kids to a two hour Czech church service by myself was a little daunting so I spent the morning with the kids while Bethany rested. I’ve noticed we have good days and bad days with our health and I wonder if our bodies are just adjusting. Already I can tell my allergies have been a problem and numerous days Bethany and I have had weird headaches. Not sure what that’s all about but I hope it’s not a long term issue.

We are nine hours ahead of California and we read online today the news as it was happening regarding the 6.0 earthquake in Napa. From what I saw there were some serious damages and apparently critical injuries. We will be sure to pray tonight for that area. Often when big events like that happen it’s an open door for churches to give the gospel and share the love of Christ with their neighbors. By God’s grace, He will even use an earthquake to draw more to Himself and that is our prayer.

Tomorrow morning I’m headed out early with a translator and our landlord to finalize some paperwork regarding our electricity and gas. Please pray it goes well because historically anything at an “official” office doesn’t go smoothly. That’s just life in Czech.