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  • Christmas Tree 2021

  • Christmas Tree 2016

    It’s our 8th annual Christmas Tree video! Enjoy and Merry Christmas from the Thomason family! If you want to see all the videos from previous years, please click here.

  • Christmas in Yakima

    Today we celebrated Christmas in Yakima with Bethany’s side of the family. I’ve been writing for the past few days that there’s been a bit of a delay with Christmas as we’ve been waiting to get the entire family together. Everyone was here this morning bright and early, and we enjoyed breakfast and cinnamon rolls…

  • Christmas (Part I)

    “Go big or go home.” It’s a phrase I use often, mostly joking, to describe certain situations or even little things like ordering lunch. But I guess when it comes to Christmas it’s “Go big AND go home.” I only say that because today we celebrated Christmas 1 of 2 here in Yakima. That’s how…

  • Traditions and an Early Christmas

    Traditions are important. I haven’t done a big study on the topic or read any books, but I think one of the main reasons people like traditions is because they are a constant in the midst of a changing world. No doubt some traditions need to go, but some are ones we look forward to…