A Disciple-Making Culture

I really appreciate this article from the Gospel Coalition on how to “Grow a Disciple-Making Culture in Your Church“:

Jesus didn’t have in mind maverick disciple-makers; he had in mind a community of believers who, together and under the authority of the local church, seek to transfer the faith to the next generation.

There are some great questions that the church needs to be asking and that we as individuals need to be asking in regards to our disciple-making. Read the entire article here.


On Youth Ministry

March 2013 Tabeltalk Magazine

A quote from Burk Parsons in the March 2013 Tabletalk magazine:

“The problem today is not so much that young people have consciously rejected ancient biblical values but that they have not been taught what they are, much less been trained in them.”

Later he adds,

“…we have neglected God’s call to train up the next generation of young people in the way they should go. If we are to redirect the current paths of young people, we must begin in the church by taking up the charge to come alongside younger men and women, and teach them the old, ancient values of God’s Word.”