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Steven Curtis Chapman - JoyIf there’s one thing that permeates our house around Christmas it’s music. Sure, we enjoy our egg nog and peppermint bark as much as the next person, but there’s just something fun about turning up some new or classic Christmas songs. Each year Bethany and I spend a couple bucks on one or two new albums and this year the favorite has to be Steven Curtis Chapman’s new Christmas album JOY.

It’s full of the classics like “Joy to the World”, “Do You Hear What I Hear,” and “What Child is This?” And he’s thrown in some fun ones like “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” which has a cool jazzy vibe to it. But what I think I appreciate most about Steven Curtis Chapman in general, and which comes out strong on this record is honesty. His song “Christmas Card” is written like a message to those who may be without the hope of Christ this year. In a season where we celebrate the birth of our Savior there are still many who don’t know Him. It’s an honest song with a clear message to Christians: people are broken, they need Jesus, and Steven reminds us why we’re celebrating: “So every lost and lonely broken heart would get found.”

Thank you Steven Curtis Chapman for reminding me that there’s still work to do. Let’s celebrate our Savior and then let’s tell everyone about why He came.

Support Letters And Marriage Building

For the past two weeks we have been putting together our support letters and sending them out to friends and family. Since it’s impossible to do with the kids awake, our process always starts a little after 8pm and we do as many as we can before our hands can’t fold anymore. Though it might seem boring to some, we actually find it a great time to talk and dream about ministry and life in Czech Republic. Who ever thought that sending out support letters could strengthen a marriage?!

Bethany Folding Support Letters

Here’s Bethany getting that perfect fold

Folded Support Letters

A few folded letters before they get put in an envelope.

Newsletter: Bethany’s Favorite Month

We just sent out our monthly newsletter for December. If you’re not on our email list, you can subscribe by clicking and signing up here.

If you would like to see December’s update, you can view it here or click the image above.


Christmas Tree 2012

Every year for the past 4 years we have put together a video of our family decorating our Christmas tree. It’s been a fun little tradition that we’ve enjoyed doing together. This year’s video is up and you can watch it below. For past years, you view them here: 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Christmas Tree 2012 from Shay on Vimeo.


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